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The Physical Sensation of Being Covered in Ass

The doctors return for another 9th dimensional mind meld and found yet another way to bore miles beneath the rock-bottom of what is comedy and what is just a salty biproduct. The other two doctors attempt to cure Dr Josh’s depression over his latest obsession, which haunts him throughout the episode. Dr Chris tries to get to the bottom of it through penetrating questions and doctor Tom did his part by just being really drunk. After that comes a brief analysis of the post-mortem effects of Dr. Josh’s possession by Hilda, the Nasty Bitch of Transylvantalyst. It seems like he’s going to be fine, even though his intellectual butthole seems to be getting more attention than it should.

Once in full gear, Dr Josh introduces a new segment to the show that really swings between its intro and outro. We aren’t going to give away too much regarding the 3 meters of turgid content he provides, but we nonetheless hope you have an empty soda bottle or ten in order to handle its salty biproduct.

In a miraculously to-the-point segment of ‘which is worse’, the Dr. Chris and Dr. Josh keep things classy and scientific with a very poignant discussion on statistics, pressure distribution, fluid mechanics, human biology, bodily excretions, and salty biproducts. Science prevails once again!

*Dr. Tom has been appropriately disciplined and re-educated concerning his choice of advertisers and controls have been properly implemented to keep him from ever again doing whatever the hell it was he did in this episode. We think.

“Theme for Harold (var. 3)” and other songs by
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0