You know a show is off to a great start when the word ‘Hitler’ is said seven times in one minute by three different idiots. It might be a little hard to take but if you angle it just right, it hits the prostate and then starts to feel good anyway. Dr. Tom takes his first ethically questionable steps towards establishing his own sovereign nation, and Dr. Josh provides some even more ethically questionable advice in the interest of command and control. Whatever the outcome may be of this undertaking, Dr. Chris is prepping his lead-lined bunker. Just in case.

Then, after a long discussion of how to retroactively stop Hitler and keep him away from honorary degrees and nuclear weapons, Dr. Tom feeds the braindead audience and keeps them on track by whipping up the entire show in one easy-to-swallow load. Following that up, the doctors go back to the swamp of despair that is their audience Q+A for a few rounds of sheer disappointment. Interestingly, Dr. Josh knows a lot about the dump and seems suspiciously proud of it.

And finally, after all these months of waiting, Dr. Josh finally reveals just what it was he was doing for the past 6 years. And what was that about those aliens he spoke of before? Now it’s time to find out the answers to absolutely everything with no tangents, oversharing, or deliberate cliffhangers whatsoever! Not to give away too much regarding his amazing journey (Just listen for yourself!),we will only say that feelings were hurt, dreams were shattered, and many, many fluids were simultaneously excreted.

Thank you for your injection, Dr. Josh! We’ve never been more proud to be the second-hand fleshlight of audio entertainment!*

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*The character “Tammy” was involuntarily voiced by the talented Dorothy Jean Thompson. In otherwords, we used recordings she made available on FreeSound.org. More of Dorothy’s work can be found on her website and sound cloud page (linked below). In no way does she endorse this podcast. For her sake, we hope she isn’t aware of our existence. Dorothy, if you stumble upon this page, we’re sorry we dragged you into this.