Reconstituted Space Hotsauce

Aural Malpractice is spontaneously brought to you by Shit Towels. A Shit Towel is a towel you shit in to keep the government from stealing your shit. Every citizen of the galaxy should have a modest supply of shit towels in their shit place. Take your shitting experience to the next level by keeping the government away from your shit!

In this episode, Dr Josh reveals the latest entertainers in his talent roster as he demonstrates his uncanny ability to always pick the most existant performers when it comes to space comedy and space music. These distinguished talents are allegedly at the top of the space charts, but it’s TBD as to whether or not those space charts ever make a mark on our own earth charts. Or exist. Being abducted for six years can really mess with someone’s mind.

Then, Dr Chris opens up his home to us as he describes an issue he had with his personal plumbing equipment. As usual, he says ‘cock’ and ‘ball’ a lot, and graphically describes incidents of ‘releasing’ and ‘spurting’. Because that’s all he ever talks about.

Following up on a jealous outburst from an insecure clone in the previous episode, Dr Chris uses the powers of research and lying to Dr. Josh to co-opt his own segment of ‘animal dicks’, where he again talks about balls, cocks, releasing, and spurting. Tune in to see which one of the 8.7 million species of animals out there whose dick Dr Chris can’t get out of his mind.

For the second half of this digital dumpster hump, the madness is rounded out with a long-awaited session of Questions and Answers. As the questions are randomly selected based on user submissions, the level of intelligence and general coherence displays stark variance. Between the nonsensical thought vomit sent from our intelligent and classy listeners, real science experiments are actually discussed. Soon we may learn whether or not chickens masturbate.

Also, consider this yet another reminder. Unless you have a question you want answered on the show (Or if you have a guess as to who it was that snorted at 33:56), don’t send us ANYTHING. And don’t drink bleach. And don’t drill holes into your head. Save that kind of reckless behavior for the celebrities who want your eyeballs.

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