Jiizzzz Wizarrrrd!!!!

This episode’s dickscussion opens up with some minor protocol violations and paranoid talk of sexually pleasing cats. Dr. Tom is an idiot. Please don’t judge your cat; it doesn’t have the same access to opposable thumbs and Astroglide.

Then, showing an uprecedented amount of maturity, Dr. Chris dials back his opinions on meticulous cannibals after a terrifying ordeal with a mysterious lady from California. Will there be more discoveries and revelations as he goes deeper down the gaping hole of hookup culture? We really hope not. Incidentally Dr. Chris is also really good at sacrificing hobos to escape his own imminent doom. Pure comedy.

As if it couldn’t get any worse, Aural Malpractice is now on Youtube and Rumble. We would appreciate it if you gave us enough attention to get banned from either.

Then we come to a segment about dicks. In light of Dr. Josh and his achievement as an intergalactic talent agent, Dr. Chris goes soul-searching for his own talents. This leads to one of the most disturbing and uncomfortable performances ever recorded in the history of this podcast. After 6-8 hours of tweaking and dangerously skirting a copyright strike, Shplookis has been exonerated!

Then comes a break from dick talk with something that is merely dick-adjacent. Dr. Chris does a paid ad-read for a new and exciting product that’s sure to blend two of your favorite pastimes into one. Trust us: you’ll never think of an old lady masturbating to matlock the same way ever again!

Fearing we strayed too far, we go right back to dicks, but this time it’s different because it’s about Dr Josh and another public service announcement about animal dicks. It will have you shoulder-deep in laughs.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, we move on to a terrible round of ‘which is worse?’ that reveals Dr. Josh’s conviction regarding keeping the government away from his poop, and Dr. Tom crushing morality between his malleable, liquid metal fingers. At least it wasn’t about dicks.

And yet another episode crashes and burns. Three dicks acting like dicks while talking about dicks.

Aural Malpractice on Youtube
Aural Malpractice on Rumble


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