Leprechaun Race Riots

So what’s on your assbib today? We finally fooped out another show, but consider yourself warned: this episode has a lot of splashback. Please be sure to clean around the edges of the bowl when you down this turd. And don’t forget to courtesy flush!

In the underground world of Leprechauns, tiled floors, and class 3 laser dicks, the doctors return for yet another flaccid attempt to make sense of anything at all. As usual, they only manage to add more confusion, more irritation, and probably more offensive reasons for you to NOT listen to this podcast. Please like us; we’re trying our very best.

But above all else, Dr. Chris found the most elaborate way to confide his anal leakage problems to the internet. Be sure to listen to his rant of the day to capture all the latest blackmail material we will be sending to his employer this week.

Later, we have a heavy bout of questions, answers, soup, and tits, where we discuss sensitive topics like poop jokes and losing blood flow to your nipples. Also covered are less-sensitive topics such as life improvement through murderous clone replacement, race wars and magic lesbians. But overall nothing that would encourage any further disrespect or place us on any more government watch lists.

Also, an important notice: If you think we aren’t talking enough about poop, please let us know. We can change that.

And here’s yet another wad of floor scum for that dirty mop bucket we call the Aural Malpractice Podcast. At least we got rid of the rats. See you next time when Dr Chris reveals his plan to strengthen his pelvic floor muscles!

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Aural Malpractice on Rumble
That thing Dr. Chris was complaining about. Probably some kind of Pokemon or My Little Pony.

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