Periscope Up!

Hang on to your Nascar urine tube because the doctors are back in another desperate effort to treat their mysterious diseases. They discuss soup, tits, unintentional competition, and give even more free promotion for Brick Scotch. It ultimately begs the most important question of the decade: what foods go great with ass? Hopefully nothing too fiber-dense.

Speaking of ass, Dr. Josh is back with another episode of Animal Dicks, and there’s more than meets the ass regarding the animal featured in this segment. A tawdry tale of glucose, kidnapping, BDSM, genital gymnastics, bad planning skills and extreme closeups awaits those whose stomachs are ready to be tossed like a salad.

And since time has kicked its way into the season of movie blockbusters, Dr. Josh and Dr. Tom spread awareness of a few smash hits this summer that are brazenly immune to any sissy-ass Hollywood writer’s strike. There’s a little bit for everyone here, so bring your friends! Bring your family! Just. Don’t. Bring. Your great aunt Lucy. What a bitch.

Q+A is again a hit-or-miss collection of parts like it always is, but at least it looks like our audience is finally getting smarter. Good for you guys! We’re all so proud of you, and more proud of ourselves for finally hitting our target demographic: old men unsure about the location of their bacon.

But while we’re on that subject, please stop asking us questions about George. Ok? None of us are George. He’s his own thing.

And in a new segment, Dr. Josh hosts ‘Rapid Fire’, a breakneck tremolo of REAL QUESTIONS FROM THE INTERNET that are asked and answered as quickly as Dr. Tom finishes coitus. This, by far, is the most educational part of the show, and we learn much about sandwiches, vegetables, and spitting into someone’s mouth.

So we seal the test chamber on another episode of the Aural Malpractice Podcast: get some!

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