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Leprechaun Race Riots

So what’s on your assbib today? We finally fooped out another show, but consider yourself warned: this episode has a lot of splashback. Please be sure to clean around the edges of the bowl when you down this turd. And don’t forget to courtesy flush!

In the underground world of Leprechauns, tiled floors, and class 3 laser dicks, the doctors return for yet another flaccid attempt to make sense of anything at all. As usual, they only manage to add more confusion, more irritation, and probably more offensive reasons for you to NOT listen to this podcast. Please like us; we’re trying our very best.

But above all else, Dr. Chris found the most elaborate way to confide his anal leakage problems to the internet. Be sure to listen to his rant of the day to capture all the latest blackmail material we will be sending to his employer this week.

Later, we have a heavy bout of questions, answers, soup, and tits, where we discuss sensitive topics like poop jokes and losing blood flow to your nipples. Also covered are less-sensitive topics such as life improvement through murderous clone replacement, race wars and magic lesbians. But overall nothing that would encourage any further disrespect or place us on any more government watch lists.

Also, an important notice: If you think we aren’t talking enough about poop, please let us know. We can change that.

And here’s yet another wad of floor scum for that dirty mop bucket we call the Aural Malpractice Podcast. At least we got rid of the rats. See you next time when Dr Chris reveals his plan to strengthen his pelvic floor muscles!

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That thing Dr. Chris was complaining about. Probably some kind of Pokemon or My Little Pony.

The Stupidest Show We’ve Ever Made

The three morons are back, and never before has there been a prouder display of such worldy erudition! At least not since that time you dry-humped a cabbage to the Canadian national anthem while covered in chocolate syrup spelling racial slurs across your nude bottom during your family vacation to Switzerland last year! By the way, we know who you are. Does that bother you?

To get in tune with the season of giving, this episode exhibits a quasi-failed holiday theme, complete with festive music, several hos, and a few ads for some charitable organizations close to the doctors’ hearts. But mostly it’s just used as a thinly-veiled excuse for Dr. Josh to repeatedly accuse Dr. Chris of having inappropriate, spontaneous physical contact with Santa Claus. Dr Chris has his patience endlessly tested by two drunken idiots who can even agree on the best bloodborne pathogen, but… the show must go on.

If it’s not that one topic we’re constantly penetrating down to bedrock, it’s always some other stiff joke that goes flaccid and collapses over time, and we always piss away better opportunities for stimulating, turgid conversation in light of the same old wrinkled bag of limp jokes. So Dr. Josh helps us find a way out of our rut, and he certainly got our minds erect and standing at attention. Message received, Dr Josh! It’s time to move on to other topics of discussion!

Despite being the absolute worst show ever made, the Holiday season tapped the doctors’ more charitable sides, including some extra listener questions for your personal well-being, then quickly regret it. Even so, I don’t think anyone is any closer to knowing what quinoa is.

Which is Worse is brought up in the midst of the tangents of other tangents, and we’re back to a crowded elevator where an evil witch curses your farts, and potentially violates the integrity of your foops.

Note: Despite our constant arguing, nitpicking, and escalating of biological warfare, we have come to a rare consensus. This is absolutely, hands-down, the worst episode we have ever made. It’s the most chaotic, nonsensical, disgusting thing we’ve ever made. And as way of apology… to ourselves, not our listeners… we have released it for your listening pleasure. Also. Fuck you. Stop sending in questions about chickens. We apologize to Santa Claus if Dr. Chris didn’t already murder him.


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Reconstituted Space Hotsauce

Aural Malpractice is spontaneously brought to you by Shit Towels. A Shit Towel is a towel you shit in to keep the government from stealing your shit. Every citizen of the galaxy should have a modest supply of shit towels in their shit place. Take your shitting experience to the next level by keeping the government away from your shit!

In this episode, Dr Josh reveals the latest entertainers in his talent roster as he demonstrates his uncanny ability to always pick the most existant performers when it comes to space comedy and space music. These distinguished talents are allegedly at the top of the space charts, but it’s TBD as to whether or not those space charts ever make a mark on our own earth charts. Or exist. Being abducted for six years can really mess with someone’s mind.

Then, Dr Chris opens up his home to us as he describes an issue he had with his personal plumbing equipment. As usual, he says ‘cock’ and ‘ball’ a lot, and graphically describes incidents of ‘releasing’ and ‘spurting’. Because that’s all he ever talks about.

Following up on a jealous outburst from an insecure clone in the previous episode, Dr Chris uses the powers of research and lying to Dr. Josh to co-opt his own segment of ‘animal dicks’, where he again talks about balls, cocks, releasing, and spurting. Tune in to see which one of the 8.7 million species of animals out there whose dick Dr Chris can’t get out of his mind.

For the second half of this digital dumpster hump, the madness is rounded out with a long-awaited session of Questions and Answers. As the questions are randomly selected based on user submissions, the level of intelligence and general coherence displays stark variance. Between the nonsensical thought vomit sent from our intelligent and classy listeners, real science experiments are actually discussed. Soon we may learn whether or not chickens masturbate.

Also, consider this yet another reminder. Unless you have a question you want answered on the show (Or if you have a guess as to who it was that snorted at 33:56), don’t send us ANYTHING. And don’t drink bleach. And don’t drill holes into your head. Save that kind of reckless behavior for the celebrities who want your eyeballs.

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Jiizzzz Wizarrrrd!!!!

This episode’s dickscussion opens up with some minor protocol violations and paranoid talk of sexually pleasing cats. Dr. Tom is an idiot. Please don’t judge your cat; it doesn’t have the same access to opposable thumbs and Astroglide.

Then, showing an uprecedented amount of maturity, Dr. Chris dials back his opinions on meticulous cannibals after a terrifying ordeal with a mysterious lady from California. Will there be more discoveries and revelations as he goes deeper down the gaping hole of hookup culture? We really hope not. Incidentally Dr. Chris is also really good at sacrificing hobos to escape his own imminent doom. Pure comedy.

As if it couldn’t get any worse, Aural Malpractice is now on Youtube and Rumble. We would appreciate it if you gave us enough attention to get banned from either.

Then we come to a segment about dicks. In light of Dr. Josh and his achievement as an intergalactic talent agent, Dr. Chris goes soul-searching for his own talents. This leads to one of the most disturbing and uncomfortable performances ever recorded in the history of this podcast. After 6-8 hours of tweaking and dangerously skirting a copyright strike, Shplookis has been exonerated!

Then comes a break from dick talk with something that is merely dick-adjacent. Dr. Chris does a paid ad-read for a new and exciting product that’s sure to blend two of your favorite pastimes into one. Trust us: you’ll never think of an old lady masturbating to matlock the same way ever again!

Fearing we strayed too far, we go right back to dicks, but this time it’s different because it’s about Dr Josh and another public service announcement about animal dicks. It will have you shoulder-deep in laughs.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, we move on to a terrible round of ‘which is worse?’ that reveals Dr. Josh’s conviction regarding keeping the government away from his poop, and Dr. Tom crushing morality between his malleable, liquid metal fingers. At least it wasn’t about dicks.

And yet another episode crashes and burns. Three dicks acting like dicks while talking about dicks.

Aural Malpractice on Youtube
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Testicular Iodine Injections

Whoever thought it was a good idea to put these three in contact should be tied up, beaten, and hurled into the nearby Quantapoosit river. This episode’s intelligent and valuable discussion is birthed feet-first when Dr. Josh demonstrated his otherworldly knowledge of reptilian grifters, alien parasites, and television preachers. They are all pretty much the same thing and have large, disingenuous plans for Earth. Also, Is Dr. Chris an alien? It may explain a few things.

Dr. Tom provides an update on the ongoing construction of his own nation, including a few hiccups with codifying law and quantifying the variables of intrinsic value for each of his citizens. Who has the most value? And how many should be stoned to death? Should we create a betting pool?

In Dr. Josh’s cryptic sphere, he again violates his self-made oath of ‘no more dick experiments’ and goes balls-deep into do-it-yourself urology. He learns, unfortunately, that superhero physics do not apply to dicks, and his experiments in genital irradiation only cause terminal issues that even Johns Hopkins can’t remedy.

Dr. Josh is then submitted to a grueling round of uncomfortable probing regarding his past as an intergalactic talent manager. But just like before, nothing is really revealed beyond Dr. Chris’s love of the Tascam DR-05 and Dr. Tom’s dogshit listening skills. Frankly, we ended up learning more about space Mormons than we did about Dr. Josh and his encounter with the Kolonskians… whatever those things are. But to everyone’s surprise, there is revealed to be more ‘found footage’ of Dr. Josh’s half-Asian quarry, Scooter Lee-McRascal, and evidence of his downward slide into depression, depravity, and drinking moonshine at Walmart. Another earworm infection advisory will be in effect until the end of the episode. You’ve been warned.

The show ends with another round of ‘Which is Worse?’. From it, we learn that Tinder might be full of cannibals, Josh might be a secret cannibal, and Chris might be cannibalism-curious. But the most important takeaway of them all? Stay off of Tinder.

Another match made in malpractice is born!

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“Theme for Harold (var. 3)” and other songs by
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Aural Malpractice Episode 0013: Testicular Iodine Injections


You know a show is off to a great start when the word ‘Hitler’ is said seven times in one minute by three different idiots. It might be a little hard to take but if you angle it just right, it hits the prostate and then starts to feel good anyway. Dr. Tom takes his first ethically questionable steps towards establishing his own sovereign nation, and Dr. Josh provides some even more ethically questionable advice in the interest of command and control. Whatever the outcome may be of this undertaking, Dr. Chris is prepping his lead-lined bunker. Just in case.

Then, after a long discussion of how to retroactively stop Hitler and keep him away from honorary degrees and nuclear weapons, Dr. Tom feeds the braindead audience and keeps them on track by whipping up the entire show in one easy-to-swallow load. Following that up, the doctors go back to the swamp of despair that is their audience Q+A for a few rounds of sheer disappointment. Interestingly, Dr. Josh knows a lot about the dump and seems suspiciously proud of it.

And finally, after all these months of waiting, Dr. Josh finally reveals just what it was he was doing for the past 6 years. And what was that about those aliens he spoke of before? Now it’s time to find out the answers to absolutely everything with no tangents, oversharing, or deliberate cliffhangers whatsoever! Not to give away too much regarding his amazing journey (Just listen for yourself!),we will only say that feelings were hurt, dreams were shattered, and many, many fluids were simultaneously excreted.

Thank you for your injection, Dr. Josh! We’ve never been more proud to be the second-hand fleshlight of audio entertainment!*

Submit Your Questions to the Doctors Here

*The character “Tammy” was involuntarily voiced by the talented Dorothy Jean Thompson. In otherwords, we used recordings she made available on More of Dorothy’s work can be found on her website and sound cloud page (linked below). In no way does she endorse this podcast. For her sake, we hope she isn’t aware of our existence. Dorothy, if you stumble upon this page, we’re sorry we dragged you into this.

No More Dick Experiments

In a valiant effort to keep this yellowy snowball snowballing, the doctors are back for more mania, hysteria, and hyperblia. All of those are words. True to their principles, they begin their malarkey with more speculation and analysis of Dr. Tom’s claims and allegations. Things really aren’t adding up, and there is a divide-by-zero error somewhere in the flavor of clone jelly and arm sweat. It’s probably all the trilling.

Later, Gorilla Glue returns with a humble bow, and tries to redeem itself as an influential entity of masculine health in light of its previous attempt at your average dick hack infotainment. They create yet more advertising space while trying to turn their brand toward a more constructive form of development and not just covering your dick with caustic glue because something something glue dick. For this, we applaud them. Good job!

In light of all the things above, the doctors form a sort-of-binding covenant: no more dick experiments. We will be counting the seconds until this pact is broken.

Dr. josh is hung like cheese. Brie, yak, cheddar, parmesan. Your mileage may vary. This may or may not have anything to do with the podcast.

Dr. Chris reads a cryptic message from a fan. Whatever the outcome, it’s probably fine because the fan was really hot. Like… super hot. Like if Christina Hendricks had a baby with a man who looked exactly like her… wait a minute…

After years of hiding from Chris Hansen, Dr. Jacoby returns to give more interesting historical lessons to the children who listen to our show. Blame the parents. We do. Also, it’s been a long time since he’s reared his head, and we can’t be sure of the legality of his proclivities.

And descending into ‘which is worse’, we learn about pink milk, platelets, and patience.

Aural Malpractice: it’s mostly just cans!

“Theme for Harold (var. 3)” and other songs by
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Aural Malpractice Episode 0008: No More Dick Experiments